Since I was a child, I knew I would be a programmer. Having studied Computer Engineering at the University of Bologna, I began applying my skills in a variety of fields, of which you can find out more in the dedicated section below.

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PC su Misura

In 2017, I decided to take advantage of my knowledge of the consumer electronics market by starting this personal shopper project. In the following months I delivered hundreds of custom pc builds and various consumer advice via modern means of communications such as Facebook Pages Chat and Telegram, even assembling them personally for local customers.

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During the highschool-early university days, I've been working as a beta tester in my spare time for VMC, one of the biggest player in the sector. Videogames are booming, and their effects spread throughout the industry, so this job helped me understand some of its mechanics.


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In 2016, together with a university colleague, we founded this startup to produce true, native virtual reality products. Among our portfolio a Steam videogame and an immersive experience for a big middle-eastern real estate company

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workout timer

I've been going to the gym since I was a teen and I've tried pretty much all the gym apps around. Nothing worked. They were either cluttered messes, no longer maintained, terribly designed or simply not working anymore. So I've set out to design my own

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Draft Quiz

Companion app for Magic The Gathering, allowing the player to explore new sets before playing

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Isaac Trivia

Companion app for Binding of Isaac, providing a fun trivia challenge on game knowledge

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Metodi di Interazione in Realtà Virtuale per Esperienze a Carattere Educativo

This thesis presents an overview of virtual reality development using as a case study an application targeted to the public of a modern interactive museum